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Shipping and Lead Time 
(a) The lead time provided by Brewcaps is an estimated amount of time from the payment of the first installment to product delivery. The lead time is not guaranteed. 
(b) Any LTL Freight shipping quotes provided to the customer are also estimates, and may change based on actual shipping weight and rates at the time of shipment.

(a) Brewcaps custom crown caps are produced using a high-precision litho printing system. Any pantones designated in the artwork are guaranteed. Only coated pantones are used when printing custom caps. Keep in mind that a coated version of a pantone may not match the uncoated version of said pantone (i.e. label). 
(b) A digital (PDF) production proof serves as the sample. Brewcaps cannot produce physical samples of a proof as the printing system used produces the product in very large runs, thus small sample runs are not feasible. 

Production Quantity 
There is a high possibility of shortage or over-run in production of custom products. This discrepancy is usually within 2% of the original order amount, (i.e. if there is a 2% production overage, the customer is responsible for payment on the overage. If there is a 2% production shortage, there will be a refund applied for this amount.) 

(a) Brewcaps will split payment into two equal installments, each for half of the order subtotal. The second half will include the shipping charge. The first installment is billed following artwork approval and due prior to production. The second installment is billed post-production and is due prior to final shipment. Brewcaps will accept Check, Credit Card, and Paypal as payment. (b) There is no sales tax on any Brewcaps.com order. However, any custom order shipping to Canada is subject to the Harmonized Sales Tax. 

Return Policy 
Custom products can only be returned if confirmed to be defective in some manner. The product will be produced according to the specifications on the Brewcaps proof. If there are issues with the caps sealing correctly, Brewcaps and the customer must rule out that the issue is being caused by the bottles or the bottling system, or any other factor, before a return is approved. 

Use/Shelf Life
Crowns do not have an expiration date. There is, however, a suggested use by date. Best use is within 12 months of manufacture date for any crowns, custom or not. The crowns must be stored in a cool, dry environment. If stored properly, crowns can be used for up to two years with no noticeable depreciation.
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