Crown Caps, Twist or Pry Off (Oxygen Barrier)

Substrate Specification

Material: Chromated Steel (Tin-Free)

Thickness: 0.22 mm +/- 0.01 mm

Temper: T-3 CA

Finish: Stone

Coating Specification

Outside: Polyester or Epoxyester Offset ink (4-6 mg / 4 pulg2)

Polyester or Epoxyester (12-18 mg / 4 in2)

Inside: Vinyl (28-32 mg / 4 pulg2)



Crown Height: 5.97 +/- 0.15 mm

Outside Diameter: 32.10 +/- 0.20 mm

Inside Diameter: 26.75 +/- 0.03 mm


Material Type: PVC Free

Weight: 220 – 250 mg

Quality Control


Tumbling Weight Loss: 16 mg max

Leak Pressure: 80 psi (for one minute)

Torque: 4 – 10 pounds-inch


Lithography: (MQA-271)

No Rust: (MQA-264)

Storage Conditions

-Each box has 10,000 caps packed in high density polyethylene

-The packaging material when 10,000 caps are purchased does not contain substances that can

cause product contamination.

-Do not stack more than 5 boxes to avoid deformations

-Avoid impacts during handling

-Do not expose to temperatures over 86oF

-Do not expose to corrosive or humidity conditions

-Interior coating and liner meet FDA regulations Cap. 21 & 175.300

All information corresponds to our present knowledge and it is taken from the results of tests conducted. The information is intended to provide recommendations. The Customer should make their own tests to determine the suitability of each product for their own particular purposes.



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