We are excited to work with you. We expect your custom cap to look as good as your drink is to taste!
You can help to ensure that your cap will look its best by taking a quick look at the following information before submitting your artwork.
  • Artwork will be sized proportionately to fit in a 1" diameter space.
  • In a size this small - sometimes less is more.

  • Vector artwork (Illustrator or InDesign, versions CS5, CS6 or CC) is highly recommended.
  • Save files as .ai, .indd, .eps, or as an open (editable Illustrator) PDF.
  • Avoid using raster art (PhotoShop, .jpg, etc.) except as necessary for image manipulation.
  • Any raster art should be 300dpi or higher at 100% size, and should be layered; not compressed or flattened.

  • Any solid color matches that are critical should be specified in the art or accompanying notes using the Pantone (PMS) system.
  • Some Pantone colors are different when reproduced in CMYK.
  • It is best to refer to the Pantone -Colorbridge- or Four-Color Process book when specifying colors.

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